Fields of application


FASP automations & technology for electric motor manufacturing. FASP has been operating in the electric motor sector for over 25 years and now boasts a vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector’s applied manufacturing technologies.

At present, FASP operations are based in MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE VICENZA, in a plant with 1500m2 of indoor space, supported by a staff of around 20, the majority of whom are technicians and engineers. The company also makes use of the services of freelance workers in the different areas of specialization and for sourcing raw and semimanufactured materials.

With its compact, well-organized structure, FASP always manages to offer the great flexibility called for to meet the increasingly demanding market requirements, supplying its customers with cutting-edge technological solutions.


FASP’s experience designing constantly innovative technological solutions is put to the test on a daily basis in the construction of its own plants and systems, their aim being to deliver products that always meet up to customers’ expectations.

The faith both we and our customers have in FASP’s operating STANDARDS stems from the fact that before our systems are installed on the customer’s premises, they undergo testing at our plant using materials they have supplied. This procedure guarantees that the finished, fitted product is both reliable and efficient.

Once you have tried FASP’s services when implementing your production processes, you won’t hesitate to use us again. Our technical sales team will be waiting for your call to discuss new ideas and arrangements for all your motor manufacturing needs.


FASP was founded in 1981, in response to the needs expressed by a number of electric motor manufacturers in North-East ITALY who were looking for a company located nearby which could take on the increasingly complex production aspects of electric motor and generator manufacturing.
In the early ‘80s, FASP’s workload mainly comprised the technological reconversion of old systems built by PAVESI – MAGNAGHI – STATOMAT etc. Their approach was extremely radical though and involved the integration of brand new operation philosophies into old machines. The result was the creation of much more flexible plants and systems, which proved not only more productive and easier to handle but also offered a ten-year extension of their working life.
In the mid-80s FASP, urged by its clientele, began building machines from scratch, applying all the knowledge it had gained from years of troubleshooting the reconditioned machines.
From 1990, FASP was able to supply a wide range of machinery and services for use in electric motor and generator manufacturing, which spanned from slot bottom insulation through to the final electrical test, dealing with all sizes of electric motors and generators, from small through to large.
In 2005, still driven by its customers’ needs, FASP began building fully automated manufacturing systems for asynchronous electric motor windings and automated assembly lines. With FLEXIBILITY and SIMPLICITY of use as the company’s core philosophy, the products always fulfil requirements and guarantee full customer satisfaction.