Rinaldo Folco guest speaker at CI.TE.MO.S. High School 2018
On the 5th of October at the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza the debate on

Within the Festival “Città, Tecnologia, Mobilità Sostenibile” [Festival “City, Technology, Sustainable Mobility”] in Vicenza, organized by the Municipality and by ConfArtigianato and supported by ConfIndustria, Rinaldo Folco, CEO of FASP SRL, is invited to intervene as a guest speaker at the event CI.TE.MO.S. High School 2018 to be held Friday, October the 5th at the Teatro Comunale, from 9:30 to 12:00, and to be targeted to the young public of the high schools in Vicenza.

"Technology and happiness" is the theme of his intervention, that will be moderated by the sociologist Francesco Morace and exemplified through the company storytelling of FASP Automazioni; FASP case is effectively a distinctive business model in the international competitive panorama, which can be assumed as inspiration hint for the new generations: the company succeeded in harmonizing tradition and innovation, human resources and technology, always aiming at the future possibilities and working with the world's leading companies in the scenario of the Industry 4.0 for the sustainable mobility.

For more details http://www.citemos.it/.