FASP evolution

A fully Italian story

In 1981, the brothers Rinaldo and Paolo Folco founded the FASP company to respond to a defined need for the manufacturing district in the North-East area: to identify a technical subject that fulfilled the increasingly complex technical and operational requirements of companies manufacturing electric motors and generators. Therefore, FASP began its story by making the technological transformation of old plants, built by big Italian and European companies, but by integrating in the machines new operating philosophies.

Convinced by the re-qualification of the plants, which resulted to be much more flexible, efficient and easy to manage, in the mid-1980s the Folco brothers decided to take the big step: to transfer their expertise to the design and the production of absolutely innovative machines. In 1984, Paolo's untimely death saw the arrival of his brother Antonio, who, thanks to his experience in the field of tooling machines construction, gave the company a new impetus to approach the way of technological innovation.


The 90s arrived and the brothers Rinaldo and Antonio took the important decision to plant a larger factory to meet the demands of the new customers looking for their now wide range of machinery for electric motors and generators manufacture.
Since year 2000, the brothers Rinaldo and Antonio Folco have starting the adventure of internationalization, by implementing their presence around the globe year after year, by creating subsidiaries in the most strategic hubs, by organizing a company that in the meantime has acquired a team of experienced collaborators and has built a performing network of local and commercial partners.

Rinaldo is energetically committed to the R&D and to the internationalization process, while Antonio coordinates the considerable technical and manufacturing activity.

Since 2005, the FASP company further has been specializing in the production of fully robotized and tailor-made systems for manufacturing coil winding systems for asynchronous electric motors and automated assembly lines.
FASP thus responds to an important market demand: to make automation operators work on technological machines, but easily and safely.

Following a natural evolution, on July 2017, an important change occurred: the FASP (r)evolution with two strategic transformations:

  • FASP is now operative as a capital company; the founder Rinaldo Folco and some members of the Folco family implemented a further financial consolidation for the new FASP organization whose Rinaldo Folco has officially been entitled as new President and CEO.
  • Andrea Folco, Antonio's son, already active in FASP as Responsible for the Organization of the Production Department, is today the new associated of Rinaldo and he now operates also as Vice-President.
The FASP company renewal is thus a sign of generational continuity in a family-run enterprise, which, in the meantime, has been structured with a functional and managerial organization and has been almost operating on an industrial scale for several years by offering its putting its experience and know-how at the service of the main manufacturing companies operating in several sectors: automotive, EV, home automation, lift elevators motors electrical pumps, submersible motors, electric power generators manufacture and production of motors for several industrial applications.