The Headquarters

The town where FASP is located - Montecchio Maggiore - is a productive area 15 km far from Vicenza: it is the heart of Venetian region in the North of Italy.

The peculiarity of this area is the extraordinary concentration of more than 70% of Italian electric motors producers: an industrial district of excellences where specialized manufacturing organizations operate in different application fields.
Within this manufacturing district, FASP has been growing and creating a long lasting co-operation with selected and strategical partners.
FASP was initially based in a 1.500 m2 building including the factory and the offices.
At the end of year 2016 an additional 2.500 m2 infrastructure, strategically located next to the historical factory has been integrated, for an overall area of 4.000 m2 .

The enlargement of the manufacturing area allowed FASP to increase exponentially its production capacity. In this building a new generation of machines and cutting-edge Coil Winding Lines are produced in larger quantity according to INDUSTRY 4.0 scenario.


Worldwide subsidiaries and agencies

The FASP internationalization process started with the new millennium.

In 2014 FASP established an agency in Taiwan to enter the big and complex Asian market.

FASP ASIA is a FASP division born to satisfy in detail the needs of Chinese customers by using their communication platform and to assist the local market in real time.