From the automation to the intelligent production

“Build intelligently” has always been the philosophy of FASP.
Concretely it means

These are practices related to Smart Factories already activated in the automotive sector that FASP is spreading to electric motor manufacturers in various industrial sectors, by accompanying its customers from the automation to the intelligent production: it is no coincidence that FASP was one of the first companies to introduce robotization into its production.

In the Industry 4.0 scenario, FASP plays the role of strategic partner, by designing and by providing different stages of production performances, from the basic automation to the smart production systems where machines, processes, data and operators are interconnected in a flexible way by means of the dynamic management and production supervision systems created by FASP: DPS1 and DTS1.


In the installations FASP conceives for the intelligent robotized production, the same production is self-adjusted in a flexible way through the DPS1, the system for the dynamic production controlled by the automation, which regulates the interaction between machines and between man and machines.

Suitable for the simplest machines and for the more complex plants, the DPS1 can be fully integrated with the MES Manufacturing Executing System of the manufacturing company.

The DPS1 system increases the overall efficiency of the production process up to 85-90% (OEE) through the application of FASP® technologies related and integrated in a modular form to the same DPS1 system:


In the installations FASP conceives for the intelligent production where semi-automated machines are operating  – that is when the installed machines are not controlled by the automation system but they work independently under the operators’ control -  the production supervision can also be planned: the monitoring of the dynamic and flexible process performances the through the DTS1 Dynamic Tutorials managing System, a production supervision system created by FASP.

The monitoring is effectively led by means of a tutorials system for the operators working on them.

The guarantee of the production performances (OEE) and of the traceability is achieved through the application of FASP® technologies related and integrated in a modular form to the DTS1 system:

The dynamic control of intelligent production takes place through the direct interaction between the system and the operator on the IFAS Intelligent Factory Automation System basis, that is a technological architecture conceived by FASP where the management, control and self-learning technologies can be integrated in a modular form.

Only FASP in the world is able to offer a very high level of automation and constructive flexibility by applying solutions that  allow the almost total interconnection of the machines, the operators and the related processes.