FASP® automation for a technologically advanced production

FASP® machines are designed and built aiming always at the highest quality by means of

The realization of products with a high technological content and a high degree of innovation is also achieved thanks to the international partners network, such as Siemens, Fanuc, ABB, Fronius, IPG, Festo, SMC, which best meet the criteria for the integration of the FASP high performance technology integration philosophy.

FASP® machines are always conceived to flexibly adapt to the interaction with operators and machines and to process a wide range of products.



The FASP® machines can be supplied in semi-automatic version, that is equipped with technologies making them highly performing and giving them a high degree of efficiency and reliability, even in the face of an interaction with the operator.


FASP® machines can be Industry 4.0 ready, that is equipped with technologies making them suitable for being inserted set up to be integrated in production plants that can be inscribed as Industry 4.0.

Inserting tecnologies

This technology allows the process of coil winding inserting in the stators slots with a high fill factor up to 80-85%. It uses a multi-axis CNC system, which is particularly required for the IE3 efficiency class stators process and for processing stators with particular winding schemes.

Inserting tecnologies

As in the semi-automatic machines, the innovative FASP® technology HPCIS: HIGH PERFORMANCE COIL INSERTION SYSTEM allows the process of coil winding inserting in the stators slots with a high fill factor up to 80-85%.

Winding technologies

These technologies are applied by FASP time by time according to the needs of electric motor manufacturers: the aim is to prepare the machines to the specific process phases and on the basis of the stator sizes.

Winding technologies

It is the excellence among the winding technologies applied by FASP to increase the flexibility in the production programs and to make the machines Industry 4.0 ready.

Technologies for wires management

These technologies FASP applies perfectly increase significantly the accuracy in the winding processes.

Technologies for wires management

This technology allows the processing of stators with infinite configurations and with numerous wires in parallel, ensuring a perfect process.

Technologies for tool managing and for product traceability

In particular, the FASP® TCS Tool Codification System technology for the tool coding on the machine allows rapid tooling changes while ensuring the maximum precision and thus avoiding errors in the equipment loading.


Tooling change technologies

These technologies FASP conceived allow  to speed up the working process by at least 30% compared to the competitors.

The vocation to specialization and to the attention of the specific market needs makes FASP a reference point as a solution provider for the processing of complex motors and motors of special sizes, because FASP is able to provide a wide range of machines models and coil winding lines equipped with technological solutions suitable for each working phase.