FASP: an epochal turning point

The agreement providing the sharing of 80% of FASP by the IMA Group has been concluded

On the 25th of June 2021, the Folco family signed an agreement with IMA S.p.A. for the transfer of 80% of the shares of FASP S.r.l., historic company in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza).

Founded in 1981, FASP is internationally known for the development of technological systems for the production of electric motors: from the manufacture of stand-alone machines to the construction of turnkey and fully automated winding lines.

The IMA Group, born in 1961, with headquarters in Ozzano dell' Emilia (Bologna), is today a world leader in designing and in producing automatic machinery for packaging and of automation systems solutions dedicated to different manufacturing sectors. The IMA Group, with over 6,200 employees and 46 operating sites between Italy, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, India, Malaysia, China and Argentina, covers over 80 countries with a widespread and structured sales and after-sales assistance network.

By this transaction, FASP becomes part of one of the leading international suppliers of automation solutions, while maintaining the general management inside the company, in the persons of Rinaldo and Andrea Folco, members of the founding family; for the IMA Group and, in particular, for IMA AUTOMATION division, the role of key technological partner for the global electric motors markets is strengthened, thanks to the contribution of the assets and know-how provided by FASP.

The transfer of shares from FASP to IMA, whose execution is expected in the coming weeks, will integrate the portfolio of high-tech solutions the IMA Group offers. Specifically, through the entry of FASP into IMA AUTOMATION, the division created six years ago and active in the field of automated machines and assembly, IMA took a further strategic step to consolidate its presence in the electric motors manufacturing market, after the previous investment in ATOP SpA, which has been completed in 2017.

The takeover of FASP, whose business has always been complementary to the one of the company ATOP SpA, marks an important expansion of the products range for IMA, allowing the IMA Group to position itself as a 360° global supplier with a strong vocation for e-mobility, declined in the production of electric motors for cars, electric vehicles, and automotive systems. All this will take place also involving the different sectors, including the industrial one, where FASP is active and bears an important technological talent.

This epochal turning point in the history of FASP will allow the Vicenza-based company to continue the industrial development process started with the FASP R(e)volution through a further empowerment of its organization; furthermore, the inclusion in IMA's solid worldwide industrial network will allow FASP to increase the already high performances of products and services - installation, testing, maintenance, spare parts supply - both in terms of quality and delivery times.

Lastly, the industrial applications sector - that is the historical reference market where FASP mainly operates - will benefit from enhanced support, thanks to IMA and to the usual dynamism in the modus operandi by FASP: feature that will be even more strengthened following the agreement with the Group IMA.