Innovation and Design

A team of engineers and senior technicians with over 30 years of experience in FASP deals with the machinery, plants and lines engineering for the customers.
Each one works on the projects bringing his own specialized expertise for the mechanical design, for the electrical and automation plan, for the process analysis, for the sizing and for the UTM management and organization. In addition to the continuous work for bringing innovation to FASP® machines and technology systems, the FASP R&D team is available to evaluate new ideas, developments and provisions coming from the automotive industries and the customers

What characterizes FASP is the great attention to the customer and the craftsmanship with which the company makes the products.

The design of an installation starts from the analysis of the clients’ needs and from the visit on the field to get to acknowledge the customers’ world and their organization.
The proposals are always in line with their requests, also through the preparation of supports dedicated to specific needs, reaching a full personalization of machines, systems and lines.
Projects and installations are followed in a scientific, direct and capillary way.
In addition, when the system is delivered, the customers are not left alone because FASP provides an after-sale support and assists them in outsourcing in the planned maintenance with the same care of an internal technological service.
The whole process is coordinated by the commercial and the technical teams of FASP, managing to cultivate long-lasting relationships with its customers and collaborators thanks to the language and interpersonal competences.

All this makes FASP, today as yesterday, a reputed and preferential partner for electric motor manufacturers looking for a supplier of cutting-edge systems with an international profile whose activity is now proven in the main strategic industrial sectors of the electric motor world.