After sale technical support

Lifetime Global Technical Support

Diagnosis and real-time answers

FASP set an important goal: to give always its customers quick and efficient responses using the most advanced technologies available on the market.
The diagnostic system FASP carries out is implemented on the possible VPN connection of the plants to reach all the technological parts of the machinery and to be able to evaluate the cases in real time.


A FASP® system is forever: since its design idea to its construction, its use, its maintenance and eventual repair or implementation, FASP accompanies the customers during the working life of machines, plants and lines, by guaranteeing the necessary spare parts replacement in long-term perspective.
To contact the Spare Parts Service mail to:


A support in providing the quality assistance service is given by a network of business partners, as Siemens, Fanuc, other international brands and FASP® local selected collaborators located in the main industrialized areas of the global market.
Should a direct intervention at the customer's premises be necessary, FASP can organize a support within 48 hours upon the request receipt.
To get more information on the On-site Assistance Service, mail to


The TELESERVICE device is a remote communication tool FASP provides to the customers with the main purpose of remotely monitoring the machines functionalities. The device allows the FASP service to quickly and remotely connect in order to solve any problematic status and to perform hardware and software diagnostics, by ensuring the maximum security of the customer's information system as the TELESERVICE has been designed with adequate protections to face cyber attacks.

The TELESERVICE therefore allows to keep the installed system supervised and under control at all times.

The other channels that FASP makes available to customers for remote assistance are:

  • e-mail dedicated to technical assistance:
  • telephone support: + 39 0444 1788666
  • dedicated support via Skype.


FASP technical staff is able to evaluate the status and the operation stage of the installations FASP realized by collaborating in close synergy with the customer's team.
The experience and the expertise of its employees allows FASP to formulate specific preventive maintenance programs for each customer and for each plant, with the purpose to keep the machinery in good condition, to make appropriate updates and upgrades, to guarantee the maximum efficiency of plants and systems.
To ask for a Preventive maintenance program, please mail to


In the advanced automation and high technology logic by which FASP designs and builds machinery, plants and lines, the Predictive maintenance service is also included. FASP offers solutions to monitor operating conditions, to prevent potential failures, to correct estimated defects in the parts.
On the basis of the data collection and their evaluation, preventive maintenance services are designed for preventing possible problems, in order to keep the customer's production always active, by avoiding downtime and while improving the reliability and performance of the entire system.
FASP® Predictive maintenance is based on a highly automated environment to preserve the production capacity of the manufacturing companies over time.
To require a Predictive maintenance project, please write to